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Publishing is a central interest for the Santozeum. Throughout the 2012 Season we started the Ambient Santorini series, published our museum’s Manifesto, and have compiled companions to our round table series of discussions.

The Santozeum Manifesto

The Santozeum Manifesto

The Santozeum Manifesto

“To keep all scraps of thought and paper, the pebble and chalk you stepped on when a strong memory came gushing in one pocket of the brain. To track the riverbed from city to city to source and cause, the sequence of images through dirty windows of transport. To change colour, insignia, name tag, compass.” 

Printed in London.

€ 5 + p&p

Akrotiri: Photographs

Ambient Santorini Vol I

Ambient Santorini Vol I

A beautifully bound collector’s edition of 100 featuring André Lyon's investigation of modern Akrotiri. Photographs accompanied by Peter C. Nomikos’s Technical Notes on the ancient site of Akrotiri.

Designed and printed in London by Jane & Jeremy.

€ 20 + p&p


Ambient Santorini Vol I

Ambient Santorini Vol II

This collection of André de Alencar Lyon’s peripatetic photography examines the sunseekers’ daily pilgrimage to the Santorini Cliffs. 

Designed and printed in an eye-popping edition of 600 by London’s Ditto Press.

€ 15 + p&p


Santorini Tales, by Peter Mann with text by Ileana Drinovan.

Akrotiri Notes, by Peter Nomikos.

Santozeum, the book, by Simon Menges.